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We are in the process of developing plans for our site and new facility. We envision that you will walk into our eco-friendly building through a large gift shop to an area filled with biological and cultural displays. Owls that require special climatic conditions will be housed inside the facility, and daily live owl programs will be offered in a spacious program room. A special area will be designed for overnight stays with the owls so the public can experience their hoots, toots, screeches, and other calls while the owls are awake.

The owls and humans of the World Hall of Fame will have their stories featured in a rotating exhibit. Another area will accommodate traveling exhibits that will also change over time, giving a reason to come back to the Center again and again.


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IOC Building Plan Small

Our Mission

The International Owl Center advances the survival of wild owl populations through education and research. We plan to accomplish our mission through biological and cultural programs and displays, green building design, citizen-science and other research, international exchange of information, the World Owl Hall of Fame, the International Festival of Owls, and other means.

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