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Piper the Barn Owl

Tyto alba

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Piper the Barn Owl was hatched in captivity on March 24, 2016 in New York. Her parents and grandparents were permanently injured wild owls from Arizona that were used to raise young owls to release to the wild to increase the Barn Owl population in New York. The state of New York no longer allows captive reared Barn Owls to be released to the wild, so Piper was raised to be an educational ambassador. She moved to Minnesota to work at the Owl Center when she was seven weeks old so she could easily adjust to many different people and places while she was still young.

Piper is housed at work in a mesh enclosure so she can still have playtime, pounce on her toys, and get a little exercise when she's awake during the day. She weighs just over a pound, while Uhu weighs well over 5 lbs.

Our Mission

The International Owl Center advances the survival of wild owl populations through education and research. We plan to accomplish our mission through biological and cultural programs and displays, green building design, citizen-science and other research, international exchange of information, the World Owl Hall of Fame, the International Festival of Owls, and other means.

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