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First Hatch of 2014!

Rusty and Iris' first egg of 2014 was laid on Superb Owl Sunday, and conveniently hatched during the International Festival of Owls.  The pip was first noticed on Friday, March 7.  The next morning the pip was larger, but there were no more good views until almost 10 PM when Iris got off the nest and we got the first views of this special owlet, dry and fluffy already. 

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  • ottawalee

    posted by ottawalee

    Sunday, 16 March 2014 09:36

    Not a comment so much as a question: Has the follow up that you have been able to do of Patience yielded any information about stability of territorial hoot over the time period of hatching thru present? And, what have your recordings over time yielded about any constancy of Iris, Rusty, and the 'neighbor' owls' territorial hoots over time?

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